Helping someone else is not about a feeling of happiness but rather feeding your own well being with an unconditional gesture
— Iman Lama

With the help of your donation, small or big, we can create a better place and future for our kids.

Our home is full of loving and caring kids, who all have different skills, talents, hobbies and dreams!
We are extremely grateful for people who help us!

With the donations we receive we can slowly cross of things from our wishlist.

  1. Musical instruments(violin, keyboard)

  2. Football shoes

  3. Photo/videocamera

  4. Visit places outside of Kathmandu

  5. Taekwondo/dance/music/sing classes which the children can attend

Due to rules in Nepal it’s sadly not possible to setup a convenient online payment system, like Paypal or Stripe, to transfer money.
This makes it for you a little bit harder to donate money but we still hope this doesn’t back you off for supporting us.

Our bank details are:

Name: Lotus Family Foundation Nepal
Bankaccount number: 02415237506
Swift/Bic code: SIDDNPKA

Thank you so much!