Celebrating Janaipurnima and going to the movies!

It has been a little while but were are back again with some nice pictures of our lovely family!

First of all we wanna thank our Dutch friends Jose and roger for their kind donation. they were a good friend of Alice and donated their birthday gift from family and friends to us. Thank you so much for this! As you can see we have done some fun things with the family, we are very grateful for this! We wish you all the best and many blessings!

During the last full moon we celebrated the festival called Janai Purnima, down below you can read more about this if your are interested:

“Janai Purnima is one of the most sacred and important festivals of Hindu religion. The festival celebrates the bond of pureness and security. Janai means holy thread and Purnima is the full moon. On this day, Hindu Nepalese men of Brahmin and Chhetri group perform their annual ritual of changing JanaiJanai is a sacred thread made of cotton worn across the chest by Hindu men, especially Brahmin and Chhetri. They change this sacred thread after taking a bath in the holy river of Bagmati or Vishnumati or nearby rivers.

This thread is only worn by males who have performed a religious ceremony called BratabandhanBratabandhan is a Hindu ceremony which is performed as a symbolic representation that a boy has reached the age of manhood and is ready to follow the rules of following the religion faithfully. Janai must be worn every day onwards for their entire life and must not disgrace the religion. In Janai, there are three cords, which symbolize body, speech, and mind and when the three knots have tied the one who wears is supposed to have gained completed control over each of the symbol.

Other people who are not wearing Janai, wears a sacred colorful thread called “Doro” around the wrist from Pundits (priest). There is a belief that sacred thread is worn for safety and protection. After some months, that thread is tied in the tail of cow on the third day of Tihar festival. This ritual is done for the safe passage to the heaven after death. It is believed that after a person dies, he/she would hold on to the tail of the cow as the cow pulls across to the Baitarni River.’’

During this festival we went in a minibus to Swayambhunath, also called the monkey temple. The kids really enjoyed this since it doesn’t happen a lot that they get to sit in a minibus and ride through the city and see places they haven’t seen yet. This was the first time for them to see the monkey temple so it was a special day to celebrate the Janai Purnima festival!

When you click through the pictures pay attention to where Manis just got Doro(colorful thread) around his wrist and tikka on his forehead from the Pundits(priest) who is sitting on the ground. This is part of the Janai Purnima celebration.

Movieee time!!

2 weeks back the children had a short holiday and we decided to have some fun in the cinema!
We saw a typical fun Bollywood movie and all the kids loved it!
Look at the big buckets of popcorn and drinks we had :)