Alice & Lez (Pennywhistle foundation)

In 2011, not long after we started with our children’s home we met the beautiful Lez & Alice.
At that time we barely had any financial resources to buy some proper beds and clothing for the 4 boys we had back then.
Aakash Dahal, Manish, Binod and Kabir were the first 4 kids we took from the street and not long after we took in the two brothers Prakash and Aakash Pathak. Then we got Karishma from a small village in very remote area called Humla. Dawa was the second kid we took from a village out of a remote area, and lastly we took in on by one, the 2 sisters Silviya and Kristina with their brother Abhi. Our family was complete!

When we met Lez and Alice, there was an instant chemical reaction going on between us, one of bonding, mutual understanding and love.
With the tremendous love they both carried for people and especially for children they decided to help us with our children home to pay our monthly rent. We were so extremely grateful for this and not much later we even got astonished by a big package full of clothing for the boys! That was a moment of sheer happiness!

During the years our family grew slowly to the point where we got 11 kids from the street and 1 kid from ourself, Ivan. Lez and Alice have always been supporting us from the moment we met them up to now, helping us building and raising this family and home to what it is right now. They visisted us multiple times a year always bringing their love, wisdom, joy and spirituality along with them.

The bonding we had with Alice and Lez is one not many people will ever experience in their live, our books were wide open for each other, always, fully surrendering we knew every little thing about each other and this created a magical bonding of openeness, trust and love without any judgement.
They gave us our space and allowed us to dream, everything was our choice and they believed in our choices. They pushed us breaking out of our fears and helped us tremendoulsy with growing as a human being.

They helped us fullfill our dreams with building our foundation to what it is right now!

We also want to thank Carla Buurman, Carla Smit en Geertje Goede for being the new board members together with Lez. Thank you for your kindness and help in carrying on Alice her dream with the Pennywhistle Foundation.
And all the the wonderful people who are connected with this foundation, visting us and helping us as a volunteer, thank all of you and bless you!

We share life together and live together!