Our mission

Our mission is to provide our kids with all the love we can give them

We care and support our children in anyway possible, teaching them valuable live lessons about love, spirtuality, hygene, family, money, health, relationships, etc. Giving them proper nutrition in order for them to feel good, be energized and stay healthy.

Giving them the healthcare they need and supporting them on their educational journey. We leave them all very free in their own being, giving them the space and time to explore their own creativity, what they like, what they dream, what they want, and guiding them in this journey to grow as human being. All so that they can build a good future for themselves.

We chose to take care of these children, and that's what we will always keep on doing!

There aren’t many children homes like ours, that's because our home belongs to our children, its for our kids!
They don’t need to leave this house once they finished their highschool exams and we don’t have certain strict rules which could cause a child to get placed to another children’s home. Officially we are a NGO but we don’t see ourself as one, we call ourself a family with pride and virtue!