As a volunteer, you will be living with us as a family member,
you will be one of us!

We want you to feel home at our place.
In whatever way you would like to contribute within our family, you being here is already a great gift for us.

Our children love to be active and play games/sports in their free time. They are very creative, love to dance, sing and make music!

To give you some ideas how you might want to contribute; playing games/áctivities with the kids, helping them with their school work, teaching them a subject or whatever you think is interesting for them, helping with cooking or cook your special dish for us, taking the kids out for some fun activities, doing some domestic work in and around the house.
everything is possible :)

Some practical information:

During the week the children go to school from Sunday till Friday(9:00 -15:30) so in this time you can also do your own things. And if you don’t feel like doing anything on certain days, no worries thats human and just take your own time :)

We have a few mountainbikes which you can use and the scooter is also available to explore the city/surroundings. Iman is also more then happy to show you around the city.

You as a volunteer will be staying in a private room in the house next door.

We don’t have space for more then 2 volunteers at the same time.

But most importantly, have fun, experience, grow and enjoy!